Monday, October 30, 2006

Extrem Distress landscap. A serie of extrem distress spread between all questions.Actually I work on the question 3. So soon on this blog
Spread for the 5 & 6 question.I was create one spread like a luggage with my selfportrait

Insead the suitcase I do a spread with topic trip, a collage with ephemera from some country
second trip about trip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

spread with my scupture-book.There are one book and a branch of tree with plaster.

Spread with books' tree after one month.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

La isla de la casa de papel

....this project seams to have come to a kind of stand still. We did not have any new questions or answers anymore for quite some time, nor have we seen what happend to the started books up to now...I have posted a couple of links to you, but did not hear anything. Have they been helpfull, did you follow the links, can I please have some feed back...? I feel as if I have stranded on the island of la casa de papel....!!!! Is any other person on this island , too???

Friday, September 01, 2006

Leaving the project

Sorry everyone, but I have sent an email to Anke, and have asked her to withdraw my name from the project as I need to reduce my commitments. I have thoroughly enjoyed the work that I've done on this, and reading the book, but feel that it is not for me at this moment in time.

I will of course keep a close eye on what you are all doing, and wish you well for the future.

hugs to all,

Sandra's answers to Jill's questions

It was Jill's turn to ask two questions:
(1) How, in the context of this project/extreme distress, do you view yourself as traveller, and
(2) How do you imagine the landscape that you are attempting to create?

Well, I am expanding my borders for sure. I had never thought I would ever demolish a book and have it end up into pulp. But I have thought, in fact I do that to every book I alter, I do it to every book only by reading it, by opening the pages, cracking the spine a bit - especially pocket books - so it lies open well. I am travelling not only beyond the regular borders of how to deal with books, but as a traveller, I also make the balance of how I have dealt with books in the past in the regular sense of just reading them. I think that is one of the essences of travelling: moving beyond the horizon and taking the time and the rest to look back at where you have been, to redefine the goal of the journey and to search new directions.

I think my asnwer to Jill's second question is good for taking this rest for now. I have done some experiments with the pulp, turned some into ATC's, have built a mini 'casa de papel' of it and have still some left for a second 'casa de papel'. If Jill speaks in terms of a landscape, I would like to call it creating paperscapes. I am pretty sure I'll continue working with paper as a medium, where the way I used to create pulp could be one of the gimmicks. The pulp as I have handled it has a quite rough and whimsical structure, a feature I like about it. At first sight it looks quite workeable, so perhaps my idea of creating sculptures with paperpulp is a good one, only that will need some more experiments. What I especially like about it is that (well, maybe not so much on this picture) the remains of a book are visible, though I want to continue my experiments with putting a book without the covers into the machine. Hopefully it will lead to some nice paperscapes :-)

La Casa de Papel

My question is: is possession necessary to love? Can I love a book and not own it?

Sunday, August 20, 2006

...just a quick link for you....;-)

look here: I found this very inspiring!


Friday, August 04, 2006

Update - Jill

Well the tea bath was not exactly successful. The pages did not get stained as I was hoping. The cover/binding has loosened rather a lot but that is all. Other than that, nothing, except a very distinct smell - which is more akin to cat than tea..ho hum - on to try something else!
this is my spread for #4 question, but this question are too interested for me and i want to do more spreads, i got a new photo: one book are folling down and i will start soon a new spread.

I continue the story of extrem distress with a sculpture "book tree "

Sunday, July 16, 2006

First distressing

I noticed rather a lot of used teabags in my compost pile, so decided to make a tea bath for my book last night. I left it to *steep* over night and put my book in it this morning to soak. Um, so far all that is happening is that the binding is in danger of coming away from the pages lol. A good dose of sun later on might help I think :o).

And this is the book in the tea bath.

My Book

Sorry folks am catching up here. This is the book I am going to use. It is an old gardening manual, the pages are quite thick paper of various kinds, some is photographic and, as you can see, it is a fairly thick tome! I had started prepping it ages ago for one use or another, so some of the pages have gesso on them already. I have a sneaking suspicion it won't last long though!

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Questions 5 and 6

Delgado says:

".....a reader is a traveller through a ready-made landscape"

Now this set me to thinking about the journey we are taking together, using our own imaginations and darings to create a new *landscape* from a *ready-made* one.

So my questions are:

(1) How, in the context of this project/extreme distress, do you view yourself as traveller, and
(2) How do you imagine the landscape that you are attempting to create?

This intrigues me because in this project we are all both traveller and creator, which brings up for me thoughts of duality, illusion etc. (But now I am straying into territory for my future questions).

I am off to think about this more and to catch up with answering questions 1 -4!

Happy journeying fellow travellers :o)